Sunday, January 14, 2007

pathetic (pə'θetik), adjective


Blogger Harry Eagar said...

It didn't involve any deaths, but I did join iPod nation this afternoon as a result of similar inane motivation to win something free that you can buy for not very much.

Tricia was in line at Safeway, where an iPod Shuffle was to be given away to some lucky shopper. A young man was buying small items and going through the checkout line again and again.

Tricia stepped aside to let him go ahead of her. He bought his gum or whatever, and she won the iPod.

Now I can listen to podcasts, whatever those are.

January 14, 2007 8:43 PM  
Blogger Brit said...

"Hold your wee for a Wii"?

You yanks are crazy.

January 15, 2007 1:47 AM  
Blogger Harry Eagar said...

A later report says she drank 'more than a half gallon.'

A half gallon isn't all that much.

January 15, 2007 10:31 AM  

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