Thursday, October 26, 2006

More signs

When Bird swallows Bird in London Fields
When one Man’s face shieldeth another man’s Eye
When the Elephante to the Lion Yields
Then look Ye to thy Loins, for the Discombobulation is nigh.

Nostradamus, Signs of the Discombobulation 1522


Blogger Duck said...

These are dark portents indeed!

October 26, 2006 7:38 AM  
Blogger Duck said...

This also is a dark sign.

October 26, 2006 7:41 AM  
Blogger Susan's Husband said...

I question the timing.

As usual when I read Old Media, I know less than I did before. What happens to the face donor after the operation? Do you need another donor to fix them up?

October 26, 2006 11:23 AM  
Blogger Harry Eagar said...

Manatees in Memphis.

I blame gorbal worming and Booosh.

October 26, 2006 1:57 PM  
Blogger Hey Skipper said...


I don't care where the Discomobulation is, look are your own darn loins.

Which leads directly to:

Hey, is that a discombob in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

October 26, 2006 5:31 PM  
Blogger Hey Skipper said...


"... look at your own ..."

October 26, 2006 5:32 PM  
Blogger Duck said...


The face donor is dead.

October 26, 2006 6:01 PM  
Blogger Susan's Husband said...

I thought that was how it must work, but it's not in the article and the "looking for a suitable donor" is the same phrase used for things like kidney transplants.

October 26, 2006 9:59 PM  
Blogger David said...

I would say that "looking for a suitable donor" takes on a whole new meaning.

October 27, 2006 8:55 AM  
Blogger Hey Skipper said...


It used to be that singles bars were referred to as "meat markets."

Now morgues will be, too.

October 27, 2006 9:59 AM  

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