Thursday, October 19, 2006

Even the Romulans will have to worry

Just in case the Chinese and Russians were not already sufficiently flummoxed by the task of countering US military superiority, never mind adding to the concern Islamofascists should have that Allah is willing alright, but horribly misguided, there is this:

WASHINGTON - A team of American and British researchers has made a Cloak of Invisibility. Well, OK, it's not perfect. Yet. But it's a start, and it did a pretty good job of hiding a copper cylinder.


If you can hide something from microwaves, you can hide it from radar, a possibility that will fascinate the military.

Cloaking differs from stealth technology, which doesn't make an aircraft invisible but reduces the cross-section available to radar, making it hard to track. Cloaking simply passes the radar or other waves around the object as if it weren't there, like water flowing around a smooth rock in a stream.

But wait, there's more!

The new work points the way for an improved version that could hide people and objects from visible light.

Never mind military applications, obvious uses, such as hiding dirty cars from neighbors and redlight cameras, shows the commercial potential is boundless.


Blogger Brit said...

I had this idea for an invisibility device: you wear a big plasma TV screen on your front, then at the same time have a video camera on your back filming what was behind you, which then replayed the background live on the screen.

Cool or what? And why am I not rich yet?

October 19, 2006 12:42 PM  

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