Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Blame Global Warming II

From your roving TDD correspondent:

Electricity consumption [in Japan] dipped 5.4 percent in August from a year earlier because lower-than-average temperatures cut demand.

Experts dial down sea-rise forecast

Fascinating factoid: Not one sunspot in August, the first time since 1913 this has happened. Cause of the snow, or a snow job?

The mountains around Anchorage, the tallest of which are around 6,000 feet, still have traces of last winter's snow, and got what may be their first layer of "termination dust" in late August. "Termination dust" is the local term given to the very graphic snow line across the mountains that typically starts in late September, and over a month or so, relentlessly works its way down to sea level. This summer, nearly every daily high and low has been at least one degree below average; about half have been at least two degrees. You could count the days above average on the fingers of one hand.

Just sayin.


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