Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blogs in the Spotlight: Random Distractions

This week Random Distractions, the outstanding and highly educational blog of Daily Duck friend Monix, has been added to the elite and exclusive BritBlog directory. On behalf of the Daily Duck staff I heartily congratulate Monix on this awesome accomplishment! It is well earned and highly deserved.


Blogger monix said...

Thank you, Duck, but it isn't like winning an Oscar or anything like that! I think you just have to be a Brit and not post anything offensive to get in. Anyway, I'm more flattered by your kind words than my approval by Brit Blog, so thank you again.

March 23, 2008 8:46 AM  
Blogger Duck said...

Monix, you are, of course, too modest and classy to fully admit to the momentous nature of this recognition. I did some background checking and uncovered some of the stringent qualifications that are applied to applicants. From the BritBlog charter:

"There will be no recognition of blogs that are related to or promote chavs or the chativistic lifestyle. This includes all variations and permutations of chavism: Chavs, Magpies, Nails, Townies, Kevs, Hood Rats, Charvers, Steeks, Stigs, Bazzas, Yarcos, Ratboys, Chorer, Skangers, Scutters, Janners, Kappa Slappers, Scallies, and Spides, Neds, Knackers, Skangers or Guidos."
"The BritBlog brand will symbolize only the highest accomplishments of British cultural and literary merit. Emphasis will be placed on the proper use of English grammar and usage, and the committee will look askance at the promotion and/or display of poetic works that do not conform to the traditional usage of meter and RHYME."
"The BritBlogs brand will take special care to promote positive, traditional British values, and to denounce and disapprove of those cultural developments that have infected the body Brittanic of late. Among these, the rise of Grockle-ism is especially troubling..."

March 23, 2008 9:34 AM  
Blogger monix said...

Wicked duck, my sides are aching!

March 23, 2008 12:07 PM  
Blogger David said...

All hail Monix, indeed.

Also, given the relative posting frequencies, perhaps name changes are in order: the Random Duck and the Daily Distraction.

(Yes, yes, I know I can hardly complain about posting frequency. I'm a chickenposter (or is that a posterhawk? (and, for that matter, exactly how many parentheticals (for some reason, the Google spell-checker has "parenthetical" but not "parentheticals) can I nest within a single sentence)).)

March 24, 2008 6:34 AM  

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