Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Model Kira Burgess wears a backpack outfitted with a microcontroller and a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit that downloads recent news of bombings in Baghdad, Iraq, with their relative locations superimposed onto a map of Boston, during a fashion exhibition at SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group for Computer GRAPHics) 2007 in San Diego, California August 6, 2007. The backpack would "detonate" and release a compressed cloud of confetti when the wearer's location correlates to a site of violence in Baghdad. The exhibition showcased innovated and interactive works in fashion inspired by new technology by international designers.
REUTERS/Mike Blake
No doubt this was supposed to be in some way profound, but to me it just seems clear that whomever conceived of this display doesn't know why Iraq is like it is, and the U.S. are not, despite the extreme simplicity of that knowledge.


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