Wednesday, August 08, 2007


This blog has a feed going to

It appears that we'd have to fiddle around with the blog's template to publish a chiclet for that, so I won't be doing that anytime soon - maybe Duck will.

But you can subscribe to the feed by following the above link.


Blogger erp said...

What is the advantage of subscribing to a feed?

August 08, 2007 4:15 PM  
Blogger Susan's Husband said...

With feeds, you have have one place that lists all of the weblogs you read and whether they have any new posts. No popping around to see if something new has shown up.

But what puzzles me is: why did you bother with FeedBurner? What does that get for you? Why not just subscribe to this built in feed as I have done since you started this weblog?

August 08, 2007 4:18 PM  
Blogger Susan's Husband said...

P.S. FeedBurner is to me about as classic a case of marketing verbiage completely obscuring useful information. I have been all over their website and I honestly cannot pull out one specific thing that they actually do. Only because I have read other technical documents do I have any understanding of it at all, and even with that their website is still impenetrable to me.

August 08, 2007 4:22 PM  
Blogger erp said...


August 08, 2007 5:10 PM  
Blogger Duck said...

A. What's a chicklet?

B. How would I go about publishing one?

August 08, 2007 5:46 PM  
Blogger Oroborous said...

Feedburner because Google bought them, so info about them showed up on the Blogger homepage.

Otherwise, I have no knowledge about, or experience with, RSS. But it would have been easier to know about that Atom thingie.


Go to the Blogger dashboard, then click on the link to Feedburner, or the Feedburner blog.

A chiclet is just a graphic widget.

August 08, 2007 6:07 PM  
Blogger erp said...

How is one notified when here are new posts or comments on a blog one has added to one's feed?

August 09, 2007 6:41 AM  
Blogger Ali said...

You see a new headline come up in your feed-reader.

August 09, 2007 8:59 AM  
Blogger Susan's Husband said...

I use Bloglines and it gives me a list of my weblogs but only shows those weblogs that have new posts, along with the number of new posts. I haven't used any browser builtins because I use 2-4 different computers on a daily basis.

August 09, 2007 12:15 PM  
Blogger erp said...

So I found Bloglines and now have a little blue square with a white B on the bottom right of the screen. It gets a little red triangle, I think it is, when there's action on my list. Unbelievably cute, but now the problem is comments don't show up.

ali, feed reader? Remember you're talking to a naif here.

August 09, 2007 1:54 PM  
Blogger Susan's Husband said...

No, comments don't. It's a problem. I'm working on secret project to fix that, but it won't be ready for another month or two. Unfortunately it will only work for MovableType weblogs. There are some other things I could do to make it work for specific blogger weblogs, but I don't know when or if I will have the time or energy for that.

August 09, 2007 5:58 PM  
Blogger erp said...

What amazing talent here. Thanks guys.

August 09, 2007 6:55 PM  
Blogger Bret said...

Comments for the daily duck do not show up for The Daily Duck but comments can be available for other blogs. For instructions for great guys, see post. Same instructions work for David's Secret (and now dormant) Blog should he ever come back to life.

Duck could make such a feed available for the daily duck as well!!!!!!!!! Hint, hint, nudge, nudge!!!!

August 11, 2007 6:55 PM  

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