Monday, July 19, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

It is egotistical to think that the future of the newspaper business rests upon anything I do.

But still.

Starting a month ago, the entire Hey Skipper nucular family unit decamped for parts various.

At the same time, our subscription to the Anchorage Daily News expired.

Regardless of my opinion of the ADN's (a McClatchy mouthpiece) commitment to factual reporting, I think local newspapers do help to prevent the atomization of cities. Learning about big events is a doddle; but who else is going to cover the local news?

However, over the last several years, the paper has progressively shrunk to the point where it won't get me through a bowl of low cholestrol high fiber low environmental impact but not local because this is Alaska for Pete's sake cereal and a muffin that says it is English but bears no resemblance to anything I have ever seen on the Mud Peanut.

It is hard to avoid noticing, though, that the price has seen no shrinkage, commensurate or otherwise.

So. What to do. Continue shoveling money in their direction, despite the falling value for money?

Or, to heck with the ADN, and get a subscription to the NYT or WSJ on the Kindle?

And then there is the idle wondering. Perhaps the iPad represents eventual salvation: the ADN could be a local portal, with the subscription price offering a selection of articles from the major US newspapers, with reduced price access to wider editorial content.

Probably not, because if I can think of it, it has already been considered and discarded as monumentally foolish.

Still, it would be nice to save local dailies.


Blogger erp said...

Our local paper was recently acquired by new owners and if possible, it's even worse than it was. Very little local, national or world news. I never look at it, but my husband can't eat breakfast without a newspaper in his hands, so we still buy it.

July 19, 2010 3:28 PM  

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