Monday, September 17, 2007

Well Isn't That Special

Poison suspect turns to politics
Tony Halpin
September 17, 2007
Times Online

The man accused of murdering Alexander Litvinenko looks certain to enter Russia’s Parliament after announcing his candidacy for an ultra-nationalist party yesterday.

Andrei Lugovoy said that he had been placed second on the electoral list for the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) in elections that take place in December.

The nomination virtually guarantees him a place in the Duma and immunity from prosecution in Russia.

President Putin has refused to extradite the former KGB security guard to stand trial in Britain, citing a constitutional ban. [...]

The Crown Prosecution Service named Mr Lugovoy, a millionaire businessman, in May as the prime suspect in the murder of Mr Litvinenko, a dissident former security service agent and a vocal critic of Mr Putin.

The two men met at a hotel in London on November 1, the day Mr Litvinenko fell ill after ingesting radioactive polonium210...

Moscow revives history of silencing enemies
Russian exiles have always feared that the Kremlin would try to silence them, wherever they were living and the fears are growing.


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