Sunday, June 03, 2007

If they don't read their own newspaper, why should I?

In today's 翻譯此頁, aka The China Post (also, undoubtedly known 90 miles away as The Not The China Post), page 13:

US wanes, catalysts gain in stock run

The US economy is slowing by all accounts ... and consumers continue to wrestle with soaring gas prices and a slumping housing market.

On to page 14:

US employers double new jobs

America's economic health may be improving. Employers nearly doubled the number of jobs they added to payrolls in May ...


Many economists believe the economy in the current quarter is growing at a pace of [2.3 to 3] percent. Either way, it would mark a considerable pickup from the anemic [first quarter] growth.

It is a monologue of the deaf.


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