Sunday, April 24, 2005

I'm Baaaaack!

For those of you who have wondered whether Duck, Skipper and Brit have been kidnapped by Al Quaeda operatives or are sitting in some jail in Cancun after a bad night out on spring break, let me reassure you that Skipper and myself are alive and quite well. As for Brit, I have no idea where he's lurking nowadays. But an explanation of our prolonged absence from the Daily Duck is in order.

I must confess that the wake of the Schiavio affair left me in quite a funk. There was a level of vitriol and unmasked contempt in the arguments of the Save Terri camp that I haven't witnessed in some time. That, plus my normal post-election year lull in interest in public affairs, and the fact that I was laid off from my job in April have tended to distract me from blogging.

Skipper and I did manage to get together during one of his on-call flight days in Minneapolis in April. Jeff is doing double duty with his regular IT job, plus flying duty for Northwest Airlines, so his time for blogging has been unfortunately squeezed.

I pledge to post at least 2 articles per week, going forward. Now that I've been searching for a new job for five weeks, it's time to find a distraction from that. Hopefully we can re-earn the "Daily" moniker for this blog.