Sunday, September 25, 2005

History Points to More Jobs

If history repeats itself, [...] job growth for much of the rest of the year should be robust. [...]

Since 1945, the average number of jobs created in [...] September, which has the third-best monthly average, [is] 148,600, and in November, which comes in second, [is] 151,600. October, however, has been the second- worst month for new jobs, at 107,300. December is middling - in sixth place, with an average of 135,500. (The best month, by the way, is March, at 161,300.) [...]

For the last 12 months, the average monthly forecast has been 184,600, while the average of the actual initial monthly reports has been 172,400, or 6.6 percent less. But the good news is that in five of the first six months this year, the number of new jobs grew when the initial reports were later revised.


Obviously, Katrina and Rita will be a drag on job growth, but even after their effect, we might see another 400,000 jobs created by the end of the year - barring another Category 4 or 5 hurricane slamming into a major city, of course.


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