Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Look Who is on the Same Side as Moveon.org

Chairman Kim's Dissolving Kingdom makes a pretty convincing case that the NORK regime is getting ready to fall faster than a greased safe.

And is well worth reading just to learn why.

But for me, the nut graph is:

Bush’s re-election dealt a blow to Kim, 62, who had gambled on a win by John Kerry, the Democratic candidate. Kim used a strategy of divide and delay to drag out nuclear talks with the United States, China, Russia, Japan and South Korea through 2004.

Kim lost his bet and now faces four more years of Bush, who says that he “loathes” the North Korean leader and has vowed to strip him of atomic weapons.

Governor Dean. Moveon.org. George Soros. Hollywood glitterati. Judge yourselves by the company that wants to keep you.


Blogger Andrew said...

The Right keeps some pretty awful company, too. Here, fresh from the latest pages of Time:

"Libya and the whole world expected a positive response—not just words, although they were nice words—from America and Europe. Blair and Bush expressed their satisfaction."-Moammar Khaddafi

February 03, 2005 12:20 PM  
Blogger Hey Skipper said...


Yes, true enough. But as bad as some of the folks the Right has affiliated with may be, they are pikers compared to those tyrants who prefer the Left.

What's more, the tyrants of our choosing have been far more marriages of convenience.

February 06, 2005 10:40 AM  

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